Tuesday Talks!

It is time once more for Tuesday Talks, hosted by Stay-At-Home Daughters!

My review today is for “Pocketful Of Pinecones”, by Karen Andreola.

This wonderful book is written in the form of a Mother’s journal through the new task of homeschooling.

She describes the children and her plans for their schooling, especially in the subject of nature study. She journals about each success and failure, and about her hopes and dreams for their future through homeschooling.

It is such a sweet book!

Mrs. Andreola’s introduction reads as follows:

“Do you ever feel frazzled faced with all the many little details of a busy homeschool day? Some days can be disquieting, I know. This is one reason I wanted to encourage you in your homeschooling endeavors by way of a story – a quieting story. Although it is fiction it is based on my own experience. It seemed most natural to write it in the form of a diary.

Carol is the main character. In her diary, Carol pours out her secret hopes, joys, and disappointments. Does she get frazzled? Yes. She is on her feet a lot, caring for the needs of her family. Her heart is full of service, so it is no surprise that come nightfall she is frequently fatigued. How does she manage? Carol feeds her soul by reading in snatches. Her sister-in-law sends her a copy of Miss Mason’s Home Education and she decides to put Miss Mason’s principles to the test. On her new homeschooling adventure not everything works out smoothly, yet she is happy her children find their new books interesting. She also takes joy in the simple things she considers to be God’s blessings. She goes on nature walks with her children each Wednesday afternoon. Together they observe God’s marvelous creation and record their findings into their Nature Notebooks.

Meanwhile, Carol copes with the late hours her husband, Michael, must keep at his workplace. Difficult choices must be made. Although it is her inclination to worry Carol is admonished by Michael to trust God with their circumstances. And because I am too fond of my characters to let anything really terrible happen to them the story has a happy ending.

Pinecones is not just a story. It is a teacher’s resource filled with practical ideas. The story will gradually introduce you to ideas for all four seasons. Sprinkled throughout are nature poems and verses, and Latin names for the over 200 living things observed by the characters. One or two study questions are at the end of most chapters. Some my favorite passages by Charlotte Mason are referenced. These are the same ones that standout in her Carol’s reading of Home Education. The back of the book is a discriminate list of our some of our favorite nature reading. The last words of Pinecones are candid look at of our family’s own experience with nature in the various neighborhoods where we have lived – in city, town, suburb and the woods of Maine.

I wrote Carol’s diary with chapters short enough to minister to the busy mother who, like myself, has only snatches of time in which to nourish her soul. May those who read Pinecones receive much encouragement to keep serving the ones they love.
272 pages with over 75 pencil illustrations. Softcover.”

I know you will love this book! For more reviews, you can visit Stay-At-Home Daughters!



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