**I know that Ron Paul has stopped his campaign, but I believe that his message is still very much important and critical to americans. Please take the time to read and consider all that you read. Thanks!**

There are several reasons why I believe Ron Paul should be president, and I will cover those a little farther down, but first I thought I would give you some background on Ron Paul and some of the things he has done through the years. I have spent a lot of time researching to make sure that all the data mentioned here is correct to the best of my knowledge.

 Ronald Ernest Paul was the second son of Howard and Margaret Paul. He grew up in Green Tree, Pennsylvania.

 During his high school years, he did a lot of track, including several major wins in yard dashes.

Unfortunately, Ron injured his knee, and had to decline a major scholarship to a prominent university, because he was not sure if he would recover enough to run track again.

 Recovery was around the bend, and on savings from various jobs, he paid for a year of schooling at Gettysburg College. The next year, he received a scholarship, and soon graduated with a bachelor’s degree for biology.

After proposing and being accepted by a former fellow high school student, Carol Wells, they were married on February 1st, 1957.

They had 5 children, and now have 18 grandchildren.

Ron went into the OB-GYN field, and has delivered 4000+ babies. During his time as a OB-GYN, he refused government funded programs, like Medicaid and Medicare, because they are unconstitutional. Instead, he set up payment options or simply dropped the bills.

Currently, Dr. Paul is seeking re-election in the Texas House of Representatives, and running for the office of the United States President. Dr. Paul  has ran before, but was running as 3rd party candidate and unfortunately did not make the polls, as there was  a lack of support in the primaries.

 There are a few things that I would like to cover.

First of all, Dr. Paul is a Christian and is extremely conservative. He does not in any way support abortion and even says he has never seen or heard of a condition that would call for the taking of  a life.

He supports homeschooling, again saying that it is constitutional to homeschool and that parents, not the government is responsible for their choice of schooling.

He supports gun owner rights, and points those who disagree back to the 2nd ammendment, because it is constitutional to own a gun.

More commonly known as “Dr. No”, Dr. Paul votes down any unconstitutional proposals and laws. He is working hard to make sure that our rights and liberties stay safe, and that the Governments is put back in it’s proper place.

Here are a few of my comparisons between Dr. Paul and his opponents.

As for Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, these are very liberal democrats. They devote their time to tearing down one another and destroying each other’s reputation. Being democrats, they do not believe that abortion is wrong. They will raise taxes through the roof, regardless of what they say. Besides, look at Hillary, she is a militant feminist!

 On the Republican side, John McCain might as well be a democrat, seeing as how he believes in abortion, same gender marriage and stem cell research. Plus, has he ever actually stayed true to his word? He goes back and forth on his promises and statements.

Mike Huckabee seems like a good choice, until you begin looking at his record. Everyone says he is good, but no one has taken the time to research because they are listening to the major media and “Christian” cultural icons, such as Pat Robertson with Rudy Guillani. For Homeschoolers especially, this would be a huge mistake. We would no longer have the freedoms to that we have now to homeschool in our own ways. I am sorry that everyone believes he is the “solid, Christian choice”. Please research his record before you just go out and vote.

Dr. Paul is a much better choice than all of those other candidates.

You may be wondering how you can help spread the word. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hand out flyers and “slim jims”
  • Sign up for the calling committee
  • Place a yard sign in your lawn
  • Wear a Ron Paul campaign button
  • Blog regularly about the campaign
  • Email friends and family
  • Sign up to be a precinct leader
  • Donate to the cause
  • Add campaign widgets to your blog
  • Watch debates and stay informed

Through this campaign, I have been finding myself growing incredibly interested in politics, history, and our country. It is incredible what a true constitutional candidate will do for your appreciation of the US and the very things that make our country the country it is.



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